A compliment is a compliment

Enjoying “The Hour” on BBC2. I am mesmerised by Romola Garai not least because G once said she looked like me. At the time, she was cast bed-bound, make-upless, disheveled, drugged and demented. Still.


2 thoughts on “A compliment is a compliment

  1. Howdy Winifred! As a thanks for being the first to comment I will, at an opportune moment, give your site an ENORMOUS plug. My readership is vast. This may be the break you were waiting for.

  2. i found you! maybe i’m the first to comment?! (though if so, i fear that your excitement maybe the equivalent of julie’s (of ‘julie & julia’ fame) upon realizing that her mother was the first to comment on her blog…ie. vaguely disappointing!)
    however i’m not your mother of course and though i maybe a little biased i do love the blog so far xxx

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