One lucky lucky baby

This is one of my earliest attempts, from an ancient, easy pattern. A rectangle with a deep ribbed edge, stitched onto a little band with a press-stud to close. I was uber-proud of it until a friend (yes, you  C) pointed out it’s fatal, fluffy flaw. Any drool or snot on the grubby, chubby bubby would attract the flyaway filaments like filings to a magnet. Voila! Baby red-beard.


2 thoughts on “One lucky lucky baby

  1. Who cares about practicality?! How stupendous and striking it is and why aren’t more wee bairns sporting such style… I too had a wake up call over a bonnet. I was merrily stitching ribbons on aforementioned cap and smugly celebrating it’s completion when a helpful individual pointed out the many, colourful and varied ways my child would die…(choking; garotting; strangulation; entrapment in a shredder…)talk bout take the shine off. Love the blog Judah’s mummy … Keep it up!!! You are officially book marked. X

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