Teapot scarf

I lifted this retro colour combo from a tea cozy. It belongs to my mother-in-law, also named C. I moon about her kitchen, giving it a fondle now and then, sighing, but she refuses to get the hint. So I had to make this.

The red is bamboo, the duck egg is 85% wool,15% angora.

One day, you might be able to buy it on Etsy, but I won’t be at all offended if you shop at ‘Contrary‘  instead (also on Etsy). Mary’s dainty, quirky parcels come free post. Her shop is filled with intriguing knick-knacks and enchanting adornments. The uncovered, long lost trinkets of people more exciting than me. People who needed a penknife, disguised as a key, slung around their neck or earrings made from chandeliers.

Whilst crocheting it I watched: Hill Street Blues which is 50 types of cool but I most love because the people are, as people are: each an individual mix of competing elements. Honourable/corrupt/selfish/faithful/loving/weak. Picking my top player from each side: Joyce Davenport, geisha-perfect, tender, resolute, self-possessed. Norman Buntz, you tear his fingernails out, he’s not going to give you the satisfaction of whimpering. No, he’s going to spit in your face and insult your womenfolk. This same man will make a gift of $76 opera tickets because he’s worried about a friend’s marriage.

Line I will lift from the show and use to enliven my daily dialogue:

“I don’t doubt that for one skinny second.”


2 thoughts on “Teapot scarf

  1. Thanks so much for the mention – loving that scarf and loving your blog even more! Thanks so much for the introduction, I’m looking forward to following from now on.


    1. It’s my purest pleasure Mary. Ever since we virtually met I have been evangelical about your stuff. Leading to no appreciable increase in your sales. I am wearing my Verde earrings as I type.

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