Forgive me Elizabeth*

*I am not usually crazy about garter stitch.

This neckerchief, 65% silk 35% wool is starting to win me round. It’s triangular shape is not only perfect for playing cowboys but for keeping necks double plus cozy with negative bulk. 24″ (61cm) across, 17″ (45cm) down. Tweedy duck eggish colour with tiny oatmeal flecks.

Whilst forming these (there must be) thousands of stitches I drank modest amounts of last year’s damson vodka. Hugh’s so-easy-your-danger-watchlist-children-can-make-it-for-you River Cottage Cookbook recipe. 2kg fruit; 1kg sugar; 3 bottles cheap vodka. Hugh told me (by means of print on page 431) to wait until autumn 2012. But I couldn’t.

Whilst knitting I watched Smallville, way too emotional for a programme sponsored by men wearing “Right Guard” to a football match. We have 25 minutes of action and then 15 minutes of the albeit sparkling Lois and pancosmicly cute Clark standing to tweezer over every subtle alteration in their feelings for each other. Standing. I never have a big chat without my bum being firmly embedded in the room’s comfiest chair.


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