Inky Prints

I’m stretching it calling Angie Lewin a friend, but I did meet her once and she didn’t mace me, so I feel a kinship.

St Judes is a tiny village gallery, sat in the woods and fields of Norfolk. It has links with many great artists, both past (Edward Bawden, Eric Ravilious) and present (Rob Ryan, Mark Hearld) Angie is my favourite. Her prints, precise and delicate as Japanese woodblocks, are striking, simplified natural shapes and have the comforting familiarity of the seed heads and grasses that crouch at your feet. For pennies you can have some Lewin of your very own, as not only do they sell prints and fabric but humbler items like notecards and sketchbooks. Spirit renewed by art, you can trot through to the adjoined village shop for tea and cake and restore the physical woman too.

The gallery also has a blog, which perpetually offers up beautiful and interesting things I would not have come across otherwise (otherways?)


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