Stand back people! Maths genius at work!

Crochet. This is a simple stripe sequence that appears pleasingly random. I made it up. All by myself. I’m waiting for a pat on the head. Or a call from Erica Knight‘s agent.

For the afghan zig zag stitch I chose cotton in three colours from (textiles need not be a millionaire’s hobby) Texere. I churned through them blue, grey, white, blue, grey, white, blue, grey (do you need me to go on?)

I altered the width of the stripes like so: 1st 1 row, 2nd 2 rows, 3rd 3 rows, 4th 2 rows, 5th 1 row, 6th 2 rows, 7th 3 rows and so on.

To put it another way: It’s very easy to keep tabs on. Any questions do let me know. I’m not forcing independence on you.


Don't let me do all the talking.

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