Ghosts of Petticoats Past

In March/April 2009 the luscious, collectable magazine Selvedge did an issue themed “Frugal”. It dwelt on the domestic (mattress ticking and how to iron a shirt) A touching article showed ordinary garments that out of necessity had been mended again and again and again. Something I assume was a little girl’s white underdress had a dozen fastidious repairs. The repairs had been embroidered to look like flowers. It had such weight, affection for the child, respect for the garment. A dignity and resourcefulness scarce in our T-shirt-for-two-pounds sterling time.

And so to Sarah Wilson and her mono prints and etchings (Winnie and I met her at the Norwich Print Fair) The shapes are bold, but the threads and stitches so finely delineated the pictures have the luminescence of things seen on microscope slide. Normally when I see art I like, I feel a whoosh of emotional uplift, I want to swim around in the colours. Sarah’s work left me thoughtfully quiet, seeing the things I felt about being a mum reflected in her prints.




2 thoughts on “Ghosts of Petticoats Past

  1. Its lovely to read your comments about my work and heartening to hear that you see your own feelings about motherhood reflected in the images. The washing line pictures emerged from my feelings about motherhood and domesticity and its great to think that they touch the lives of other women.
    I’m doing Norwich Print Fair again this year, it open on Monday 5th Sept.

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