Help! I need somebody (not just anybody)

On finishing a granny square blanket I realised seams are not my strong point. Am sending out a plea into the ether. Maybe you, Obi Wan, can help. Help me make them less obvious/baggy/unperfect. Mainly when I change colour.

Among the brains I’ve been picking are the crafter, blogger and etsy merchant Rose Beerhorst’s. She is friendly, enthusiastic and generous with her time. Her richly coloured work is a perfect example of inspiration’s liquid flow from one craft to another. The bit in the video with the bees is spellbinding.


One thought on “Help! I need somebody (not just anybody)

  1. Okay, I’ve finally worked out why I keep getting all these confused looks. I kept adding new yarn at same point as I left off the old yarn. It made everything gross and baggy. Now, thanks to Maggie Righetti I finish off nice and tight and them join new yarn at a corner.
    New Question: Any advice on keeping little granny squares’ tension even so the squares are all the same size?
    I know, it’s all take, take, take with me.

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