Books Yesterday’s Children Read

As a child I loved loved loved Enid Blyton. Reading her to my children makes me want to bang bang bang my head against the wall. Here are some books I do enjoy reading to the totlings:

Jeffie’s Party by Gene Zion

A discussion provokingly deep, yet lightly written story about personality. Superb, dynamic illustrations in Margaret Bloy Graham’s trademark reduced palette.

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The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf

Literature’s most adorable bovine, a witty story and refined, masterly artwork courtesy of Robert Lawson.

Stig of the Dump by Clive King

Barney befriends a dump dwelling stone age man. Just enough description to set you fully in place and then you’re off, inventing, hunting, thwarting burglars, facing down leopards and having midsummer night visions. It has delicious, child level terror and a lyrical, haunting ending.

Whatever by William Bee

Billy, a jaded, unappreciative, skin headed child, gets his comeuppance. Hilarious story, child luring repetitions and attractive, clever illustrations on a minimalist white background.

And so to the previously mentioned friend Winnie, who is actually illustrator Sue King. You’ve seen her work all over the place, including books for “Ladybird” and magazines for the BBC. She excels at well observed sketches of tiny tots but her website, “small cat illustration“, is the best place to check out the much wider range of styles she enjoys working in.


2 thoughts on “Books Yesterday’s Children Read

  1. I love reading anything by Roald Dahl to kids, they are always so delighted with the characters being so naughty! Also, to younger ones We’re Going on a Bear Hunt always gets everyone excited!

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