Mini Makers

P finger knitted a long cream scarf and then decorated it with different sized black buttons. An idea I’m definitely pinching.

S has also been busy. A teeny blanket made from sport socks. Look how neat his stitches are. Even the backs. I’m scenting child labour sweatshop possibilities.


3 thoughts on “Mini Makers

  1. So here I am, number 12 I think. I found you at your Etsy Store. I am in New York now, as soon as I get back to Florida, tonight, I am starting your bread recipe. I wonder if it could be made in a bread maker?


    1. Hello Frummie, so nice to have you join the conversation. It feels so glamourous and televisiony that someone in America is making my bread. My sister and my brother-in-law have used bread makers. I’m going to ask them and get back to you.

      1. I asked D and G and they seemed to think it wouldn’t be so great in a bread maker. I also got this quote from Wiki that made me think that they were maybe right: “To create a loaf of bread, ingredients are measured into the bread pan in a specified order (usually liquids first, with solid ingredients layered on top) and the pan is then placed in the breadmaker. The order of ingredients is important because the instant yeast used in breadmakers is activated by contact with water, so the yeast and the water must be kept apart until the program starts.”
        Please tell me how you get on, I am very excited for you. It’s small scale life changing.

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