A Good Weekend

Friends’ wedding on Saturday. Lovely as:

1. They are two cheery, generous hearted people and

2. I got to eat this!

(G pinched it off the cake table for me. He always chooses much nicer bits for me, than I would for myself.)

I don’t usually emote much at weddings, but I did tear up at this one. I couldn’t put my foot up and the plaster pressure was building. As my toes turned purple/black, I anxiously sniffled, vividly picturing my pathetic last moments as a blood clot snatched me from my loved ones.

More good news: After, I am sure, making a planet wide search, the Sunday Times has announced that the world’s hottest woman is Karlie Kloss. I am personally heartened to see that her upper lip disappears when she smiles. In my more paranoid moments I perceive my lips to be no thicker than a razor’s edge.


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