Etsy’s Steely Grip

I have been spending an inordinate amount of time on Etsy. Window Shopping. I have turned a pure souled, craft panacea into an orgy of virtual materialism. To demonstrate my remorse I’m gonna show you some stuff I won’t be looking at, so much, at all, soon. Click on the pictures to be transported to the Etsy stores.

Vintage White Spanish Mexica…


Hand Stamped Fox Pocket Size…


Butterfly Purse


vintage scandinavian tea tow…


Red Fox- Kraft Moleskine Cah…


Life Calendar: Love Life, Da…


Screen printed retro owl plu…


Owl Design Fairisle Knitted …


Secret Picnic Spot Notepad


Fabric Pencil Case, Pencil P…


Mod Black Plastic Fish Tray


Folksy Lined Tote Bag – Grap…


Heart Embroidery Hoop Art Lo…


Retro Poster Print mid-cen…


MARMOTS – edition of 30 (scr…


Favourite Spring thing – bir…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


2 thoughts on “Etsy’s Steely Grip

  1. hello! that is a lovely collection of items. the love calendar is amazing.

    i just wanted to let you know that you won the free giveaway from mates + rubbish!!! just email us when you can at with your home address and we will ship out the greeting cards to you. thanks so much!

  2. drat! ….. don’t you know you’ve got me hooked now.
    so i’m thinking that all i need now is a snapped achileees.. akillies… a-kill-eze… (“sound it out” Brian Regan) oh.. you know that thing you’ve had for weeks (i say this with deep feelings of sympathy and compassion of course) or something similar to justify and enjoy ‘guilt-free’ all the hours i’m going to need to look at this gorgeous stuff…
    sounds like a plan, huh?
    okay okay…. my names winnie and i’m an almost etsyholic xxx

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