Meanwhile, on a Beach in the Netherlands…

I first heard about Theo Jansen on “Wallace and Gromit’s World of Inventions“. (Use that to gauge my intellectual weight.)

He makes moving structures from yellow plastic tubing. Structures we might call machines, but that he sees as living creatures. Large, graceful, millipede like, these “Strandbeest” roam the Dutch beaches, using the wind as food. Theo continually advances their design, his ambition is that one day they will live as an autonomous herd. He says in making these beasts he has ‘come across obstacles the creator would have faced in making life originally’.

I find Theo fascinating, so brainy, so gripped by an idea. He doesn’t explain any whys (why he perceives the Beests as living, why he does what he does) We are bystanders to this private pursuit. Theo’s creations are weirdly beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, on a Beach in the Netherlands…

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