Awesome Giveaway – I Can Picture You in it Already

Last week my plaster came off. I deludedly pictured an unshackling, my life beginning anew. Deludedly, because this is just one more step in the long, tedious stumble toward health. I walk jerkily, the tension in my tight tendons and shrunken muscles an anxiety causing reminder that I must go slow.

Thus, it was a great week for lovely Mary (of Contrary and 17 Apart) to choose to feature me in an Etsy newsletter. My shop stats rocketed. (You’ll easily be able to see the item she featured, by looking at it’s viewing figures) Thank you Mary! Hello Tim! Hello Basil!

It has inspired me to post a give away. On Monday 17th October 2011 there will be a draw for this gorgeous scarf, made by me. Ten grannies in a row. The blue is a wool and silk thread combined with a Kid Merino, warmth with strength. The purple is Tweed Silk hand dyed by Paula from the Yarn Gallery. Thursday 13th I will place the names of all my subscribers in a hat and pull out the winner.*  This means to have a chance to win and more importantly to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll never miss a Judah’s Blanket post, just click on the little “sign me up” box on the home page.

* Not you Winnie, I’m already making you that other scarf. Don’t be greedy.


14 thoughts on “Awesome Giveaway – I Can Picture You in it Already

  1. Hiya, I’m not sure if I’m signing up right or not but, I clicked both notify button, I don’t see any other buttons :/ well good luck to everyone!

    1. Hi Gabriel, we are doomed never to have a straightforward transaction! You have to go to my home page and then click on the “Sign Me Up” button next to the bit where it says “Follow Blog by Email” . I feel I have indirectly messed you about so much already, I’m putting you in the draw even if you never contact me again. All the best with “Tortured Angels”!

      1. LOL! Well, I found you because of the scarf, but stayed for the humor and writing style. It’s like going to a candy store because of the smell, but then eating everything in sight… sort of.

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