My Second Favourite Glenister

Hidden” is conspiracy thriller with some great players including Anna Chancellor and David Suchet, his gently refined English tones eradicating all moustache twirling memories. It has Thekla Reuten, last seen (by me) on Lost snuggling up to and failing to assassinate Sayid. Thelka is my favourite kind of gorgeous. Carey, Kiera and Katie are undeniably beautiful women but they are notes of the same chord. Glimpsed only briefly, you would have trouble picking them out of a lineup. Thekla’s stronger face print is fixed in your eye from the moment you see her.

Her male counterpart in the show is Philip Glenister. We see his stunning blonde ex-wife and we witness him breaking up with his stunning brunette girlfriend, she’s distraught. Whatever sledgehammer of charisma he used to fell these lovelies is left to our imagination. We must accept it happened.

There are two strands of story (I’m ignoring Phil’s dopey, whining son and I suggest you do, too) There’s political intrigue and there’s gunmen chasing after Phil and Thekla. I look forward to seeing how it all ties up but this is a show which can patronise and confuse simultaneously. Flashbacks are seen many times over, in case we’ve forgotten something they showed us five minutes ago, sometimes the actor slips on a wig to play his younger self, sometimes a different actor is used. I mistook one visually gloomy scene for a flashback until present day Phil popped into view (that may just be parading my simpleton credentials)

It features one of my pet hates. The characters are not allowed a moment to themselves. If, after a particularly gruelling encounter, Phil slumps back in a chair (open dress shirt displaying his eerily featureless baby chest) we are not permitted to speculate what he might be thinking. We must be shown. He’s thinking about the past. Cue another flashback. It dignifies actor and audience for a character just to be seen to think. Not every actor can do this without furrowing their brows or darting their eyes about. Two top thinkers: Steve Carell in The Office and Zeljko Ivanek in anything.

Robert. In case you were wondering.


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