My Preference For Unmatching Sets

Here are some scarves I made long ago, a depressing reflection on my age, no one wants to have made something that could now be classed as vintage.Here’s S in a tiny scarf I made for baby C. Two different greeny threads and my first go at moss stitch. A lamby scarf for P made in Popcorn by Bergere de France. A bit fiddly to work with but a fabulously springy, lushly soft, bobblesome  result.I cannot get enough afghan stitch and it made a beautiful, drapey scarf for C. I used Sirdar’s Calico (60% cotton, 40% acrylic)


One thought on “My Preference For Unmatching Sets

  1. Hi there,
    Even though I currently experiancing tempretures of 30c(86F) – feeling like 36c , Can I put a order in for a fluffy lambkin scarf like P please ? 🙂

    Lots of Love Exx

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