Pilgrim’s Patchy Progress

Making a list is so easy, I made one weeks ago. Have I been implementing it or have I blissfully forgotten all about it? Neither!

2. Get through all 7 of my Michel Thomas “Even Grade A Morons Can Learn to Speak French” cds.

Done 1-4. Before I made the list. ( Oh, the agony of honesty!) Anyway, I’ve started on number 5 since.

10. Get back to belly dancing.

Today I pranced about to my Saroyan “Dondi” DVD. Dondi is very skilled and I easily warm to her display of eyes, teeth and tiptop bangers but that Las Vegas variation of womanhood, with the glassy, relentless smile of a belly dance cult abductee, is something not mirrored in myself. My local(ish) teacher, Janai, is perfect. Graceful, precise, self-contained, her classes are relaxed but thoughtful, encouraging all abilities to leave their mundane shells behind and feel beautiful.

11. Grow my fingernails.

Now only 2 are stumpish, the rest could totally belong to someone not wrestling with post-traumatic stress disorder.



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