You Don’t Need A Cape To Do This

Heroism is courage trumpeted. Self-sacrifice is more modest about it’s virtues. I’m sure I could be heroic, blindly powered by adrenaline but self-sacrifice is a quiet, reasoned, often repeated decision, cousin to commitment. I’ll readily say ‘yes, I’ll take you shopping this week’, but every week? Until one of us drops dead? Only such commitment provides the isolated or disadvantaged the structure and security they need.

Current attitudes are hard to swim against. Survival of the most fit often means survival of the most ruthless, and those who care for others are seen as being naively exploited. If self-fulfillment is the greatest fulfilment of all, then those who daily/weekly sacrifice their time and strength for others are not reaching their true potential. Whereas, even if unseen or unappreciated, the self-sacrificing are bursting through the bounds of instinct, to a life of greater meaning.


4 thoughts on “You Don’t Need A Cape To Do This

  1. This may be slightly slightly lowering the intellectual tone of the post but it is worth remembering that capes are really only for stupid superheroes who not consider the health and safety risks of wearing one.
    I believe there has been a study conducted on this that showed very high mortality rates in cape wearing heroes, and not from the usual risks of giant lasers and other weapons produced by your arch enemy
    Top tip of the day: do not wear a cape near jet engines

  2. Fantastic post. I honestly believe human beings are built to be of service to others – that’s why most people are so happy when they have children because it defines their service. Sometimes people think they’ll be happier when their children grow up or they retire but it’s rarely the case because they don’t (usually) find another way of being of service – they think the loss is their children growing when it’s really that they’ve lost their ‘place’ in terms of service to others.

    1. I wish I had something to say other than: I Totally Agree With You. There really is more happiness (as oppose to fun) in giving than there is in receiving. I enjoy your writing so much Trisha, I’m so pleased to give back.

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