Don’t You Judge Me! or Eternal Principles Betrayed

As I am going to France at the weekend and won’t be back this side of Hogmanay, I thought I’d review my self imposed “goals of steel“.

1. Make sourdough bread, the Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall way (Taking recipe to France)

2. Get through all 7 of my Michel Thomas “Even Grade A Morons Can Learn to Speak French” cps ( Er…)

3. Send my short “Agatha Blake” to Basement Stories (Will do)

4. Knit a hat (Chosen the pattern, Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Workshop hat. I’ve done it before and it even has a bit of fancy colour change)

5. The data for this entry has been lost to cyberspace. I cannot be held accountable.

6. Get S and P reading. (Plodding on fine)

7. Make Raisin Wine from my Jewish cookbook. (So happy when I found I could use my Rumtopf pot. So sad when my wine went hairy. Now replaced with “get bikini wax”. Done)

8. See Simon Schama (I SHOOK THE HAND)

9. Get back to Zumba (packing DVDs for holiday)

10. Get back to belly dancing (Done)

11. Grow my fingernails (Done, I look hot in those trousers)

12. Make macaroons from “A Homemade Life” (Done, they are super easy, only three ingredients, taste fantastic)


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