Drop This Charade!

Back from France and over six months pregnant, I feel now is the time to give up our secret identities.

I am Lydia (months off 40)

Married to Garry (weeks off 44)

Parents of Connie (days off 12) Patience (8) Salvador (6) Judah (4)

And blimp unborn. We welcome name suggestions. The more outlandish the better. Take “Tigerberry Leafbalm the Third” as your starting point.


4 thoughts on “Drop This Charade!

  1. George!!! Or William… or Effie or Thomasina… or… or… any of the names I really loved but couldnt use for various reasons (some valid, some not so in my opinion) for my children… Yes I do like Thomasina. And Tabitha… And Rose…but my thoughts aside, I have emailed you but fear I may have old address.. if so and if possible, could you check to save me the extreme effort of resending?! love and stuff xx

  2. At last the chance I’ve been waiting for …… You will be glad to know that I have been reading the Vincentian phone book in preparation and come up with these beauties :

    I’m also keen to see a Fox in there somewhere, Because I see nothing wrong with naming children after science fiction characters!

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