How Rumours Get Started

Judah: Will the baby come out through Mummy’s testicles?

Well, she’s arrived. Verity Edith debuted on June 5th, 11pm. Sweet and lovely, but then I would say that.

Unlike my last three labours, the midwives had opportunity to arrive in good time. We sat about with Tracy and Mandy chatting and laughing between my contractions, Tracy flicking through a scuba diving magazine. If ten or so minutes passed without a spasm I would feel I, as the main event, was letting my audience down. Perhaps I should fake one. “Ooh! Ooh!”(nervous glance at helpers) “This is a tough one!”. Puff, puff.

Patience came and sat with Garry for the last hour. Like Garry she is unfazed by bodily fluids and functions. She joined Mandy examining the placenta, checking fingers and toes, weighing and measuring. She was given the little paper tape as a keepsake. Then Mandy showed her how to dress her new little sister.

Mya (age 7): Why have they named their baby “Ferrety”?


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