The Surprising Upside

The benefits of learning to read early are effortlessly apparent. It’s a powerful thing to be able to edify and entertain yourself. The merits of late learning are less obvious, perhaps invisible if you are in a literacy heavy school system. Patience is eight, she has a good grasp of how reading works but she […]

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Drop This Charade!

Back from France and over six months pregnant, I feel now is the time to give up our secret identities. I am Lydia (months off 40) Married to Garry (weeks off 44) Parents of Connie (days off 12) Patience (8) Salvador (6) Judah (4) And blimp unborn. We welcome name suggestions. The more outlandish the […]

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Small Handmade

  Thanks to ruthless packing, the only toys that made it across the Channel were Sandy, the sand filled doll and a handful of cars. After a whinefilled day or two, the tots have proved contentedly resourceful, especially when making dolls and jigsaws from G’s castoffs. Inspired by Eve Arnold I show you the tiny hands responsible.

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Fame and Fungi

What I want from my glossy: 1. A ballpark reflection of my life: I cook, I watch TV, I wear clothes….. 2. People who are interesting/famous for more than their appearance/excesses. 3. Places more obscure than Paris, New York and London. 4. Articles of more than 3 paragraphs. 5. Gallery worthy photography. I’ve discovered “Intelligent […]

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