If You Signed up for Films or Books..

  Reading “Simple Blogging” alerted me to the un-niche-ness of my blog. Folk who want to read about “Justified” aren’t necessarily folk who want to see my baby blue, hand dyed alpaca bobble yarn. There’s an overlap, but it’s minimal. So henceforth I am Lydia-two-blogs. Judah’s blanket: the haven of domesticity it always was. *What […]

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Warmed Through Leftovers

A gold plated “Bonjour!” to my trio of benevolent backers: G! D! And jeansobrinho! Subscribers all. Scraping around found another homeschooling piece I scribbled. It’s about resources I’ve found useful. Taste and see. Food (yum) The River Cottage Family Cookbook A beautiful book embellished with uplifting photos of young people hurling pancakes, clutching fish and plucking […]

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