Au Revoir Mes Amis

So sorry I’ve been away for ages and sorrier still this break will continue.

I still love craft but I am finding it harder and harder to write about. Contrast this with writing about cinema, which flows off the keyboard since I have been accepted to write for the very fabulous Lost in The Multiplex.

I leave you with a picture of a bracelet, a handmade present from my friend Dany.

I’ve appreciated every visit, every comment, every subscriber. I may be back but until I do thank you so much for making time for me.

Warmest wishes, Lydia.



Etsy’s Steely Grip

I have been spending an inordinate amount of time on Etsy. Window Shopping. I have turned a pure souled, craft panacea into an orgy of virtual materialism. To demonstrate my remorse I’m gonna show you some stuff I won’t be looking at, so much, at all, soon. Click on the pictures to be transported to the Etsy stores.

Vintage White Spanish Mexica…


Hand Stamped Fox Pocket Size…


Butterfly Purse


vintage scandinavian tea tow…


Red Fox- Kraft Moleskine Cah…


Life Calendar: Love Life, Da…


Screen printed retro owl plu…


Owl Design Fairisle Knitted …


Secret Picnic Spot Notepad


Fabric Pencil Case, Pencil P…


Mod Black Plastic Fish Tray


Folksy Lined Tote Bag – Grap…


Heart Embroidery Hoop Art Lo…


Retro Poster Print mid-cen…


MARMOTS – edition of 30 (scr…


Favourite Spring thing – bir…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Mini Makers

P finger knitted a long cream scarf and then decorated it with different sized black buttons. An idea I’m definitely pinching.

S has also been busy. A teeny blanket made from sport socks. Look how neat his stitches are. Even the backs. I’m scenting child labour sweatshop possibilities.

Tell me Again What She’s Getting out of This?

This is a present from Jibid, The Greatest Friend I’ve Never Met. One day we shall clinch, cheek to cheek, but until then we must be satisfied with aid parcels.

Mine to her: distasteful buttons and postcards of knitting robots.

Hers to me: Quality merchandise such as this.

My fickle heart

For much of last year I had a debilitating crush on Philip Seymour Hoffman (I suspect I am moving onto David Mitchell via Adam Baldwin– they’re all of a type) I found a sympathetic spirit in my friend Theresa, a crafty superhero. A computer programmer by day, by night a patch-working, bead-embroidering, fat quarter-quilting wonder woman. She stitched me this partial filmography. She has made me other gifts that I know she’s happier with, but this is my favourite. A personal, frivolous, indulgence of her time for me.