Do You Stock This Bread Prebuttered?

Aside from the edible, this is the first thing I’ve made in months. I was “I need something (granola/toilet brush/solar panel), I’ll make it.” Now I am “I need something (bobble hat/saucepan/power drill), I’ll buy it.” I want to change back again. P’s suggestion for a cover for my new IPad (thanks G): “Take two socks, cut […]

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Etsy’s Steely Grip

I have been spending an inordinate amount of time on Etsy. Window Shopping. I have turned a pure souled, craft panacea into an orgy of virtual materialism. To demonstrate my remorse I’m gonna show you some stuff I won’t be looking at, so much, at all, soon. Click on the pictures to be transported to […]

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Mini Makers

P finger knitted a long cream scarf and then decorated it with different sized black buttons. An idea I’m definitely pinching. S has also been busy. A teeny blanket made from sport socks. Look how neat his stitches are. Even the backs. I’m scenting child labour sweatshop possibilities.

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Benedict, Your Neck Looks Chilly.

I like to picture Benedict Cumberbatch wearing this with a battered chocolate brown cord jacket. Or maybe with sage velvet. That’s why I’ve stationed myself outside his London townhouse for three weeks. He hasn’t come out. I know he’s in there. When I use my heat sensitive camera I can see him moving about. I’m […]

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Praising Talents Greater Than Mine

Aurelija makes wristlets that are part of the traditional Lithuanian national costume. Wonderfully, they transfer easily to the nontraditional life, peeping out from a coat sleeve or sweater cuff. Tiny knitted stitches, close and regular. Czech glass beads twinkling the ornamenting design. Here are the ones I bought for me, I bought a violet pair […]

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