Cambridgeshire not Cornwall

Snagged at St. Ives Country Market. 


Do You Stock This Bread Prebuttered?

Aside from the edible, this is the first thing I’ve made in months.

I was “I need something (granola/toilet brush/solar panel), I’ll make it.” Now I am “I need something (bobble hat/saucepan/power drill), I’ll buy it.” I want to change back again.

P’s suggestion for a cover for my new IPad (thanks G):

“Take two socks, cut them down one side, but not the end, sew the cut edges together to make a bag.” Socks and tea boxes are the basic units of our family’s craft currency.

Why I Have Not Not Been In Touch

I have not died tragically in a charity attempt on Mt. Everest.

(It’s been pointed out that everyone and his great aunts have been clawing up those majestic slopes. Once Blessed Brian’s stomped about on your face you can kiss goodbye to any mountain mystique you had)

No, I simply lost interweb connection for a month. Now I’m virtually back.

Whilst away I’ve been rewatching “Sherlock”. I’ve only re-viewed  “Study in Pink” so far, but I’ll write about it now as I remember feeling vaguely disappointed in the following ‘sodes. Casting is perfection, Benedict’s (no formality between us, I did make him a scarf) gaunt, attractive horse bones and luxurious mop marking him apart, Martin Freeman exuding honest likability, Mark Gatiss a mask of aloof menace and so on. Also, this adaptation capably answers the ancient, thistley question of what MensaMan Sherlock sees in certifiable non-genius Watson and it’s here the modern setting really shows it’s worth. Sherlock’s fascination with the violently dead is met with suspicion and his arrogance met with hostility, in such an atmosphere Watson’s straightforward admiration is a refreshment. This praise would be meaningless if it came from the lips of a buffoon (sorry Nigel) but Martin’s Watson is intelligent, brave, quiet, useful, disciplined and companionable. Of course Sherlock wants to split the rent with him.

My Preference For Unmatching Sets

Here are some scarves I made long ago, a depressing reflection on my age, no one wants to have made something that could now be classed as vintage.Here’s S in a tiny scarf I made for baby C. Two different greeny threads and my first go at moss stitch. A lamby scarf for P made in Popcorn by Bergere de France. A bit fiddly to work with but a fabulously springy, lushly soft, bobblesome  result.I cannot get enough afghan stitch and it made a beautiful, drapey scarf for C. I used Sirdar’s Calico (60% cotton, 40% acrylic)

Etsy’s Steely Grip

I have been spending an inordinate amount of time on Etsy. Window Shopping. I have turned a pure souled, craft panacea into an orgy of virtual materialism. To demonstrate my remorse I’m gonna show you some stuff I won’t be looking at, so much, at all, soon. Click on the pictures to be transported to the Etsy stores.

Vintage White Spanish Mexica…


Hand Stamped Fox Pocket Size…


Butterfly Purse


vintage scandinavian tea tow…


Red Fox- Kraft Moleskine Cah…


Life Calendar: Love Life, Da…


Screen printed retro owl plu…


Owl Design Fairisle Knitted …


Secret Picnic Spot Notepad


Fabric Pencil Case, Pencil P…


Mod Black Plastic Fish Tray


Folksy Lined Tote Bag – Grap…


Heart Embroidery Hoop Art Lo…


Retro Poster Print mid-cen…


MARMOTS – edition of 30 (scr…


Favourite Spring thing – bir…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Men With Beards Wearing Knitted Swimsuits

Today I reacquired (can’t remember whom I leant it to, so had to buy it again) the world grooviest knitting book. Everybody’s Knitting by Kirsten Hofstatter. It is filled not so much with patterns as stories of how to knit things (simply and confidence buildingly told). The skirts, dresses and hats are named for their designers or recipients (Kirsten’s Peasant Jacket, Grete’s Slipover) The photos of bohemians shearing sheep, breastfeeding tank topped babies and, yes, laughingly posing in the aforementioned swimsuits, are a defences down welcome to a happy, fair isle commune. It manages to be both a practical guide and an eccentric inspiration.