Au Revoir Mes Amis

So sorry I’ve been away for ages and sorrier still this break will continue.

I still love craft but I am finding it harder and harder to write about. Contrast this with writing about cinema, which flows off the keyboard since I have been accepted to write for the very fabulous Lost in The Multiplex.

I leave you with a picture of a bracelet, a handmade present from my friend Dany.

I’ve appreciated every visit, every comment, every subscriber. I may be back but until I do thank you so much for making time for me.

Warmest wishes, Lydia.



Small Handmade


Thanks to ruthless packing, the only toys that made it across the Channel were Sandy, the sand filled doll and a handful of cars. After a whinefilled day or two, the tots have proved contentedly resourceful, especially when making dolls and jigsaws from G’s castoffs. Inspired by Eve Arnold I show you the tiny hands responsible.

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Do You Stock This Bread Prebuttered?

Aside from the edible, this is the first thing I’ve made in months.

I was “I need something (granola/toilet brush/solar panel), I’ll make it.” Now I am “I need something (bobble hat/saucepan/power drill), I’ll buy it.” I want to change back again.

P’s suggestion for a cover for my new IPad (thanks G):

“Take two socks, cut them down one side, but not the end, sew the cut edges together to make a bag.” Socks and tea boxes are the basic units of our family’s craft currency.

Mini Makers

P finger knitted a long cream scarf and then decorated it with different sized black buttons. An idea I’m definitely pinching.

S has also been busy. A teeny blanket made from sport socks. Look how neat his stitches are. Even the backs. I’m scenting child labour sweatshop possibilities.

Do you have these in a 34″?

I am gutted I can’t recall the lovely etsy seller that made these and sold them to my sister who gave them to me for S. But a search for “upcycled wool longies” will trawl a generous selection (argyle, fair isle, appliqué, stripes, cuffed)