Rosy Jam

I’m being pampered with a guest post from Jacky (and so are you) Hi, I am a home edding mum who loves all things of a foraging/self sufficiency nature.  Actually, my love borders on obsessional! Recently, my foraging adventures have combined 3 of my favourite things: roses, foraging and preserve making! I took the sprogs […]

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The Surprising Upside

The benefits of learning to read early are effortlessly apparent. It’s a powerful thing to be able to edify and entertain yourself. The merits of late learning are less obvious, perhaps invisible if you are in a literacy heavy school system. Patience is eight, she has a good grasp of how reading works but she […]

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Small Handmade

  Thanks to ruthless packing, the only toys that made it across the Channel were Sandy, the sand filled doll and a handful of cars. After a whinefilled day or two, the tots have proved contentedly resourceful, especially when making dolls and jigsaws from G’s castoffs. Inspired by Eve Arnold I show you the tiny hands responsible.

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12 by 2012

I love list making. Getting the feeling of optimism and control without any actual effort is intoxicating. So I had to join this (courtesy of the sweetly titled Hello Friend) 1. Make sourdough bread, the Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall way. 2. Get through all 7 of my Michel Thomas “Even Grade A Morons Can Learn to Speak […]

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Maths Without Trying

‘The Artist’s Son, Jean, Drawing’ – Pierre August Renoir Something about home schooling. How we learn is fascinating. Children are especially interesting, as in the early years progress is easy to witness. How they have that ‘Helen Keller by the water pump‘ moment and grasp that everything has a name. They instinctively sort and group in […]

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Mini Makers

P finger knitted a long cream scarf and then decorated it with different sized black buttons. An idea I’m definitely pinching. S has also been busy. A teeny blanket made from sport socks. Look how neat his stitches are. Even the backs. I’m scenting child labour sweatshop possibilities.

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Warmed Through Leftovers

A gold plated “Bonjour!” to my trio of benevolent backers: G! D! And jeansobrinho! Subscribers all. Scraping around found another homeschooling piece I scribbled. It’s about resources I’ve found useful. Taste and see. Food (yum) The River Cottage Family Cookbook A beautiful book embellished with uplifting photos of young people hurling pancakes, clutching fish and plucking […]

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