Au Revoir Mes Amis

So sorry I’ve been away for ages and sorrier still this break will continue.

I still love craft but I am finding it harder and harder to write about. Contrast this with writing about cinema, which flows off the keyboard since I have been accepted to write for the very fabulous Lost in The Multiplex.

I leave you with a picture of a bracelet, a handmade present from my friend Dany.

I’ve appreciated every visit, every comment, every subscriber. I may be back but until I do thank you so much for making time for me.

Warmest wishes, Lydia.



The Lullaby’s Not For Whom You Think

Or if I have misunderstood the rules:

The Lullaby’s Not For Who You Think

When I was little and had bad dreams Mum would stroke my forehead and sing. Not children’s songs but songs we sang at the meetings we went to, songs about the things we believed in.

When my babies have cried and I am too tired in my body, brain and heart to feel, I want to run into the kitchen and force food into my mouth, cramming in everything there is, as if it would stop my ears too. But when I sing to them about God, love, patience and hope, even if they don’t calm down, I do.


How Rumours Get Started

Judah: Will the baby come out through Mummy’s testicles?

Well, she’s arrived. Verity Edith debuted on June 5th, 11pm. Sweet and lovely, but then I would say that.

Unlike my last three labours, the midwives had opportunity to arrive in good time. We sat about with Tracy and Mandy chatting and laughing between my contractions, Tracy flicking through a scuba diving magazine. If ten or so minutes passed without a spasm I would feel I, as the main event, was letting my audience down. Perhaps I should fake one. “Ooh! Ooh!”(nervous glance at helpers) “This is a tough one!”. Puff, puff.

Patience came and sat with Garry for the last hour. Like Garry she is unfazed by bodily fluids and functions. She joined Mandy examining the placenta, checking fingers and toes, weighing and measuring. She was given the little paper tape as a keepsake. Then Mandy showed her how to dress her new little sister.

Mya (age 7): Why have they named their baby “Ferrety”?

Before my Emergency Transfer to Hospital for a Combined Cesarean/Hysterectomy/Kidney Transplant

My due date is two weeks away and although my previous four were all complication free home births, nothing is guaranteed. So I will reminisce before anything has time to go pear shaped. Apart from me. I’ve gone pear shaped.

Expecting Connie I was frightened of pain and embarrassment, now I know it’s the psychological battle which is toughest. Labouring lying down I feel assaulted, hopeless, a desperate victim of endless blows. Standing up I feel better, in control and on top. Even then, near the end, the contractions are a vice not just on my stomach but my mind. It cranks up anxiety and if I don’t take time to soothe myself the fear builds towards panic. Thankfully Garry is very good at counting down the time “Your nearly done, just 20 seconds to go “. But in the end it’s battle no one can fight for you. You have to keep telling yourself that you’re doing great, you’re getting through it, it will soon be over, you will soon meet your baby.


The Surprising Upside

The benefits of learning to read early are effortlessly apparent. It’s a powerful thing to be able to edify and entertain yourself. The merits of late learning are less obvious, perhaps invisible if you are in a literacy heavy school system.

Patience is eight, she has a good grasp of how reading works but she is far from fluent. To compensate she has developed heightened focus and discernment. Sometimes she sits still with her gaze fixed on the speaker, sometimes her eyes are down as her hands fiddle in her lap. A question is asked and she springs up with a pertinent phrase plucked from the reading or a reflection on how she sees the subject in her own life. The ideas are complex, her comments mature.

I asked her how she does it. She says as she listens she picks out words she thinks there might be questions on and she tries to remember them.

By comparison my brain seems sluggish, slumped on the print, never having to stand on it’s own.

Fire Breathing Life Lessons

Took tots to the circus, the yin to television’s yang. No “If you need me, I’ll be in the winnebago drinking champagne with my reflexologist” for these guys. Albert (winner of “Russia’s got Talent”) has an impressive balancing act but is also the interval photographer. Antonio Candela eats fire and works the box office. Everybody helps out everybody else.

Some of the team are young, slim and beautiful but others are older, average looking and carrying an extra pound or two.

Instead of a product ruthlessly filtered down to synthetic perfection, you get baited breath reality. At times a ball would be dropped, but it would be picked up and the trick tried again. I’m happy for the children to see talented people not being perfect, seeing that being great at something takes perseverance and humility.

Something to drink whilst you’re ringing out your bobble hat.

Several water authorities announced drought conditions and imposed hosepipe bans. Like a spell, this has presaged in daily downpours of monsoon intensity. Time for “Anna Rock Punch”. Ukrainian Anna wore her immaculately coiffered grey waves pinned up. She embroidered her own exquisite folk blouses, smiled all the time and made interesting things to eat.

She put a rose hip tea bag in a cup with a spoon of honey and a small splash of cider/wine vinegar. She poured on boiling water and stirred. It’s so easy and so comforting, I make it when I want to cosset myself but can’t be bother to grind beans and rinse out cafetieres.

Never ring out a woollen bobble hat. Blot with a towel and reshape flat.