Believe Me, I Was No One’s First Choice.

My shop is still showing signs of life. Maybe not so much life, as residual synaptic firing. Like a chicken without it’s head.

Here are two recent listings:


Awesome Giveaway – I Can Picture You in it Already

Last week my plaster came off. I deludedly pictured an unshackling, my life beginning anew. Deludedly, because this is just one more step in the long, tedious stumble toward health. I walk jerkily, the tension in my tight tendons and shrunken muscles an anxiety causing reminder that I must go slow.

Thus, it was a great week for lovely Mary (of Contrary and 17 Apart) to choose to feature me in an Etsy newsletter. My shop stats rocketed. (You’ll easily be able to see the item she featured, by looking at it’s viewing figures) Thank you Mary! Hello Tim! Hello Basil!

It has inspired me to post a give away. On Monday 17th October 2011 there will be a draw for this gorgeous scarf, made by me. Ten grannies in a row. The blue is a wool and silk thread combined with a Kid Merino, warmth with strength. The purple is Tweed Silk hand dyed by Paula from the Yarn Gallery. Thursday 13th I will place the names of all my subscribers in a hat and pull out the winner.*  This means to have a chance to win and more importantly to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll never miss a Judah’s Blanket post, just click on the little “sign me up” box on the home page.

* Not you Winnie, I’m already making you that other scarf. Don’t be greedy.

Don’t Read This if Small Children Make You Nauseous

Look at these Laurel Berries. Aren’t they luscious? Don’t you want to gobble them up? Well don’t. THEY’RE DEADLY! Well not deadly, just toxic, as we scientifically proved with our random sample of one subject. A couple of summers ago, S snarffed down a juicy handful. Cue inconclusive internet searches. Cue hesitant, yet fearful 999 call (“991” for my two transatlantic readers. Aren’t you both glad you paid that $73.49 for a more personal service?) Anyway, a shaven headed, older man, paramedic hurtled over (He reminded me of Locke. I tried to look like a caring mother and not a feckless female distracted by grizzled charisma) Locke said S might throw up or get the squits but he would be fine. Sigh (of relief)

The next day, in the garden, G turned away for 3 seconds and S hoovered up another berry portion. Lesson learned.


In the news: We bought a power plate, in a lazy/desperate swipe at rippedness. (Not one of these, they’re really expensive) I call it the jiggalator. S heard me and now refers to it as my gigolo.

First woman: My, you’re looking slimmer!

Second woman: Thanks. It’s because I spend 30 minutes a day on the gigolo.


More from S, learning to read:

“J. E. T.  J.E.T.  Jet! Jetplane! Suffrajet!” Thank you Horrible Histories.

Ladybug, ladybug


Upcycled Girls Shirt – size …


Trio of Chalkboard Tablets


Girl’s Poncho made from …


Chandelier Party Dress


Thomas the Octopus – Handmad…


Apple Cozy Jacket Sleeve Hon…


Primer Flashcards (4) vintag…


Vintage Photo – Rub a Tub Tu…


Three Scandinavian Wooden Du…


Vintage Domino game set, Lis…


Carnival photo nursery print…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


It’s not for physical fortitude*, nor intellectual brilliance** nor heartwarming altruism***. If you’ve read the comments on my last post you already know. I entered a competition for two greetings cards from the fabulous beat and rubbish. (Their shop is mates and rubbish)

They combine must-have cuteness with an edgy, sometimes gothic vibe. Quirky (with teeth) We haven’t seen that since:


*I didn’t walk 5 miles to get medical help, carrying my own severed arm.

**I haven’t found proof for Gilbreath’s conjecture.

***I haven’t funded a dozen malaria clinics in the Sudan.

Etsy’s Steely Grip

I have been spending an inordinate amount of time on Etsy. Window Shopping. I have turned a pure souled, craft panacea into an orgy of virtual materialism. To demonstrate my remorse I’m gonna show you some stuff I won’t be looking at, so much, at all, soon. Click on the pictures to be transported to the Etsy stores.

Vintage White Spanish Mexica…


Hand Stamped Fox Pocket Size…


Butterfly Purse


vintage scandinavian tea tow…


Red Fox- Kraft Moleskine Cah…


Life Calendar: Love Life, Da…


Screen printed retro owl plu…


Owl Design Fairisle Knitted …


Secret Picnic Spot Notepad


Fabric Pencil Case, Pencil P…


Mod Black Plastic Fish Tray


Folksy Lined Tote Bag – Grap…


Heart Embroidery Hoop Art Lo…


Retro Poster Print mid-cen…


MARMOTS – edition of 30 (scr…


Favourite Spring thing – bir…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Nordic Niceness

A new collar/scarf up on Etsy. Really love the top toggle and it’s swirly, stripy pattern (thanks NOfkants Curios, It’s Pure Southdown Wool and a silk/wool/angora blend. The last one I made had 12 squares, but my tension is firmer now and this one has 14. I am very happy with the Scandinavian folk feel it gives me.