How this whole thing came to be

Event 1

I had a 4th child, a boy, Judah. I crocheted him a cotton blanket, afghan zig-zag, blue, cream and grey stripes. It has been his constant comfort for three and a half years, powering through mud, porridge, sick, drool, ooze and, obviously, repeated washings, it has shown me I do make stuff that lasts.

Event 2

I snapped my achilles tendon in a Zumba class, not the fault of my fabulous teacher but of multiple factors way too boring for a craft blog. I had an op and will be in plaster (“Don’t put any weight on it, keep it elevated!”) for 12 weeks. Still reeling from the anaesthetic it seemed the ideal time to found my CRAFT EMPIRE (evil cackle). It’s amazing what you can do against the background of incessant nausea.

This blog will be about things I’ve made (some of them you’ll be able to buy on Etsy) It will also be about things my friends have made. If the things my friends have made are nicer than mine, they will be photographed poorly.

Now the bad news: I am a mother and although I exercise ceaseless vigilance on your behalf I cannot guarantee this will be a kiddie pic/cute story-free zone.

Proceed with caution.


Don't let me do all the talking.

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