Jon Wants to Believe the Best of the Klan

Jon wants to believe the best of everyone he meets, whether it’s Omar Bakri Mohammed or David Icke. No matter how ludicrous or repellent your claim (a cabal of Jewish lizard people rule the world) Jon will give you opportunity to prove it. This gives his writing a warm, clearheaded openness and means when people reveal themselves as malicious, bigoted or hateful you are hit with shocked conviction. It’s also funny, as the contrast between the grandiose things believed and the ordinary, mistake prone humans who believe them, is often comic.

“Them” is a nonfiction story of a search for an urban legend, the Bilderberg Group, a conspiracy of the hugely rich and the prospectively powerful, allegedly shaping world events.

It turns out to be true.

Only not how it sounds.

Not how it sounds, because this is also a book about subjectivity. About how two people can witness the same event, one seeing harmless immaturity, the other sickening evil.

Read it yourself and discover if you’re Scully or Mulder.