Rosy Jam

I’m being pampered with a guest post from Jacky (and so are you) Hi, I am a home edding mum who loves all things of a foraging/self sufficiency nature.  Actually, my love borders on obsessional! Recently, my foraging adventures have combined 3 of my favourite things: roses, foraging and preserve making! I took the sprogs […]

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Something to drink whilst you’re ringing out your bobble hat.

Several water authorities announced drought conditions and imposed hosepipe bans. Like a spell, this has presaged in daily downpours of monsoon intensity. Time for “Anna Rock Punch”. Ukrainian Anna wore her immaculately coiffered grey waves pinned up. She embroidered her own exquisite folk blouses, smiled all the time and made interesting things to eat. She […]

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Meet Julia

Julia is the sort of person who has dropped round a lasagne, two casseroles and an apple crumble, before the doctor has even finished diagnosing your incapacitating illness. She is there for everybody, all the time (though perhaps not Julia) She achieves this with two tiny tots and some bigger tots as well. She recently […]

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