Cambridgeshire not Cornwall

Snagged at St. Ives Country Market. 


Nordic Niceness

A new collar/scarf up on Etsy. Really love the top toggle and it’s swirly, stripy pattern (thanks NOfkants Curios, It’s Pure Southdown Wool and a silk/wool/angora blend. The last one I made had 12 squares, but my tension is firmer now and this one has 14. I am very happy with the Scandinavian folk feel it gives me.

Benedict, Your Neck Looks Chilly.

I like to picture Benedict Cumberbatch wearing this with a battered chocolate brown cord jacket. Or maybe with sage velvet. That’s why I’ve stationed myself outside his London townhouse for three weeks. He hasn’t come out. I know he’s in there. When I use my heat sensitive camera I can see him moving about. I’m not confident about getting to hand this over to him before next years Baftas, so I’m putting it on the open market.

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It’s made from the Yarn Gallery’s Mistral in Winterberry.

Unexpected Love

If I’m honest with you, three squares in I was about to start frogging. It looked, gulp, drab. Then I found some sweet pink in the stash and added it in. Then I decided the squares needed doubling up rather than being long and skinny. Stuck on some toggles (thank you NOFKANTS CURIOS) and I feel like the EINSTEIN OF YARN!!!! There are an infinite number of ways to wear this. Okay, a finite number. But a really big finite number. Like nine. It’s up on Etsy. I will audit my best looking friends and have it modelled for you soon.

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